Nutcote Management & Trust

Nutcote Management & Trust


Through Nutcote Trust Pty Ltd, May Gibbs’ Nutcote is jointly owned by the Mayor and General Manager of North Sydney Council. It is managed by a volunteer Board, which consists of members of the public and appointees from North Sydney Council. The Board is responsible for appointing a paid Manager Curator who looks after the day-to-day running of the historic House Museum and Gardens. The Nutcote Trust Board currently consists of Shauna Jarrett (Chair), Owen Elliott (Deputy Chair), David Williams (Treasurer), Ingrid Anderson (Company Secretary), Ruth Banfield, Yvonne Hyde OAM, Therese Lake, Sue-Anne Wallace, Caro Webster and Stephen Barbour . Up to two members of the Board can be nominated by the Friends of Nutcote. Board meetings are held at 6 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month, except January.

Nutcote Trust Pty Ltd holds an Annual General Meeting which is open to the public. The next Annual General Meeting will be held in 2016, more details to come later.


The Board of Nutcote Trust Pty Ltd is responsible for appointing a paid Manager Curator to look after the day-to-day running of the historic House Museum and Gardens, May Gibbs’ Nutcote. The Manager Curator is Stephanie Lake. May Gibbs’ Nutcote reports annually on its activities to North Sydney Council.

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Nutcote Vision, Purposes and Goals

Our vision:

May Gibbs’ Nutcote: an enduring celebration of an iconic Australian.

Our Purpose:

To cherish May Gibbs’ home, garden and life by offering memorable experiences and rewarding learning opportunities.

Our Goals:

Goal 1: Access and Learning

We will promote the importance of May Gibbs and the historic and architectural significance of her home, Nutcote, to encourage physical and online visitation and learning opportunities.

Goal 2: Engagement

We will encourage a wide range of people in enjoying, understanding, interpreting and caring for our house, museum and garden.

Goal 3: Conservation an Curatorship

We will ensure the significance of nutcote and May Gibbs continues to be cherished for future generations.

Goal 4: Organisational resilience

We will ensure good governance and effective management of our resources.