May Gibbs’ Nutcote couldn’t continue to operate without its hard-working volunteers. Volunteers staff the House Museum and Tea Rooms, carry out Nutcote’s calendar of events, help with administrative tasks and maintain the beautiful Gardens. People volunteer at Nutcote because of an interest in May Gibbs and her life and works, a wish to help preserve an important part of Australia’s rich cultural heritage, their desire to do something worthwhile in the community, or from a desire to enrich their own lives. Full and on-going training for volunteers is provided. May Gibbs’ Nutcote has a dedicated Volunteer Coordinator who manages training for volunteers, organises the Volunteer Roster and writes the monthly Volunteer Bulletin.

May Gibbs’ Nutcote provides an opportunity for Volunteers in five main areas:

  • Museum Guide Volunteer
  • Gardens Volunteer
  • Tea Room Volunteer
  • Speaker Volunteer
  • Support Services Volunteer

Museum Guide Volunteer:

Volunteers in this role welcome and guide visitors around May Gibb’s House and the Nutcote property.

Gardens Volunteer:

Volunteers manage and maintain the Nutcote Gardens throughout the seasons. Bed preparation, plantings and maintenance are carried out by Nutcote Gardens volunteers. North Sydney Council’s Open Spaces Directorate and their Gardens Contractors carry out lawn mowing, arboreal work and other heavy maintenance tasks.

Tea Room Volunteer:

Volunteers help in the Bib and Bub Tea Room, providing refreshments to visitors to Nutcote and helping with catering for events at Nutcote.

Speaker Volunteer:

Volunteer Speakers are ambassadors for May Gibbs and Nutcote and usually have extensive experience as Museum Guides prior to undertaking this role.

Support Services Volunteer:

Support Services Volunteers have a key role in helping visitors have an enjoyable experience at Nutcote. They welcome groups and individual visitors to Nutcote, escort groups to points around the site, assist Tea Room volunteers and House Guides with large groups, provide support for events and public programs, and undertake a range of customer service and administrative tasks that support Nutcote.

Volunteer and Job Opportunities:

To register interest please go to this link to apply. Alternatively email us.

Volunteer log in:

Current volunteer log in for rosters and scheduling

Please note: All Volunteers are required to be Friends of Nutcote.