The Garden at May Gibbs’ Nutcote

On a steep site sloping to the shores of Sydney Harbour, the site is long and narrow with the house straddling its width. The delightful cottage Gardens features both native and exotic trees and shrubs with many annuals and perennials. The Gardens is divided into sections by a trellis and the house and is largely maintained by Nutcote’s Gardens volunteers, broadly in accordance with May’s original plantings. Two of the original roses (Dorothy Perkins and Lady Hillingdon) survive today, and many of the plants listed in various diaries and letters have been reinstated. The importance of the garden to May’s work is indicated in an interview for the National Library in 1968 when she reflected, “ ‘Nutcote’ is a dear little place with a long, long garden. I used to walk around the Gardens, weeding it and loving it, and with a book in my pocket and a pencil and that’s where I got my best ideas, out in the open, gardening.”

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